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Cable Ties

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Cable Ties – Quantity 100

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100mm x 2.5mm Black, 100mm x 2.5mm Blue, 100mm x 2.5mm Green, 100mm x 2.5mm Red, 100mm x 2.5mm White, 100mm x 2.5mm Yellow, 1020mm x 9.0mm Cable Ties Black, 150mm x 2.5mm Black, 150mm x 2.5mm White, 150mm x 3.6mm Black, 150mm x 3.6mm White, 160mm x 4.8mm Black, 160mm x 4.8mm White, 200mm x 2.5mm Black, 200mm x 2.5mm White, 200mm x 4.6mm Black, 200mm x 4.6mm Blue, 200mm x 4.6mm Green, 200mm x 4.6mm Red, 200mm x 4.6mm White, 200mm x 4.6mm Yellow, 240mm x 7.6mm Black, 240mm x 7.6mm White, 300mm x 4.8mm Black, 300mm x 4.8mm Blue, 300mm x 4.8mm Green, 300mm x 4.8mm Red, 300mm x 4.8mm Silver, 300mm x 4.8mm White, 300mm x 4.8mm Yellow, 300mm x 7.6mm Black, 300mm x 7.6mm White, 370mm x 4.8mm Black, 370mm x 4.8mm Silver, 370mm x 4.8mm White, 380mm x 7.6mm Black, 380mm x 7.6mm White, 430mm x 4.8mm Black, 430mm x 4.8mm White, 450mm x 9.0mm Cable Ties Black, 550mm x 7.8mm Black, 550mm x 7.8mm White, 550mm x 9.0mm Cable Ties Black, 710mm x 9.0mm Cable Ties Black, 760mm x 9.0mm Black, 760mm x 9.0mm White


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